Sustainable development

Since 2009, we have aligned our business with current and future environmental and responsible challenges. We have taken the initiative to fully embrace this by becoming a mission-driven company.

“Since its inception, Maison Metsens has been committed to a responsible approach, respecting animal life, nutritional balance, and the pleasure of the senses.

In addition to sourcing the majority of our products locally, we emphasize the local aspect of our menu with the ‘Made in Allauch’ label.

We are committed to offering more responsible products. Our menu includes 20% vegetarian items and fully adheres to the seasonal cycle.

Some of our local products:

Our fruits and vegetables come from the Luberon (70 km away), our organic wines from the Château Beaupré estate in Aix-en-Provence, and our bread from the organic bakery at Les Accates.”


Professional integration

Professional integration: Several positions have been entrusted to individuals distant from employment from the Marseille region. The voluntary approach towards human resources (well-being, diversity, skills) has been recognized since 2015 with the Emplit'ude label.

trophee RSE 2020 pour Metsens traiteur marseille

CSR Awards

1st prize in the CSR Trophies of Bouches-du-Rhône.1st prize in the Small and Medium Enterprises (TPE) category of the CSR Trophies for the region

CSR Policy

Our core values

  • A cuisine increasingly plant-based and respectful of seasons.
  • Health and food safety guaranteed by the quality of our products.
  • Alignment with the government’s low-carbon strategy.

Our approach

We ensure that our CSR approach is focused on key aspects of our business:

  • Responsible procurement
  • Production
  • Services
  • Transportation
  • Waste management

Some actions taken

  • Drafting the sustainable development report as part of the United Nations Global Compact.
    CSR Trophies.
  • Support for the nonprofit sector: partnerships in sports and cultural fields.
  • E-Engaged CSR Label.
    Annual carbon footprint assessment.
  • Partnership with the municipality for annual reforestation days.
  • Use of an Aquaponic greenhouse to cultivate our own local and responsible products.